Bull of the Month June – ADONIS

NO-PE Adonis NEO-856 (Simba  x  Spring  x  Balisto)

Great Vancouver´s family
comes from a cow NO-PE Spring Snowflake VG-85. A generation further is Vancouver´s mother NO-PE Balisto Sophia VG‑87. Recently Sophia has finished her second lactation with 14 003 kg of milk; fat 3,72 and protein 3,19.

Good production and excellent udder
Adonis shows a good production of 1 362 lb of milk; 62 lb of fat (+0,04); 57 lb of protein (+0,05). Adonis has also nice numbers for DPR 1,2; PL 5,00; SCS 2,84 and CE 6,9.

Interesting caseins
K-casein AB Beta-casein A2A2.

CCC Special Sonic
RR Nova Man O Man Extra Special VG-87

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