Bull of the Month May – ZILLION

Agras ZILLION NXB-519 (Superhero x Silver x O-Shan)

Excellent type
ZILLION’s overall type 2,51 (udder 2,52) goes in line with his mother’s rating – Agras Silver Credo which was evaluated VG 86 for udder in the first lactation. Fore udder attach, udder depth and rear udder height and width could be great at Zillion’s progeny.

Good fitness traits
Longevity 5,4; somatic cell score 2,71 and daughter pregnancy rate 1,8 make Zillion to be the right one used for production bulls in particular.

Remarkable family
Zillion comes from a remarkable family of Larcrest Cosmopolitan VG-87 (USA). Amongst Larcrest Cosmopolitan’s progeny belongs bulls as Larcrest Commander, Charley,

Agras Silver Credo
Larcrest Credit VG-85 (third mother)
Larcrest Cosmopolitan VG-87 (fifth mother)

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