CICERO-RED Available

CICERO-RED (Swingman-Red x Rager-Red x Salvatore RC) with gTPI 2616 and PTAT 1.91 is another bull of our strong group of red & white Holsteins.

When we look closer at the pedigree of CICERO, we find out that there is a very low level of inbreeding in it. Furthermore the combination of Swingman-Red X Rager-Red is very rare.

  • High milk production (1 095 Lbs)
  • Solid components (F 45 Lbs, P 30 Lbs)
  • Low somatic cells score (2.63)
  • Easy calvings (2.1 %)
  • Productive life 5.7 !

On top of that great conformation and almost flawless linear. CICERO-RED is all-round balanced red bull you cannot make a mistake with…

His semen is now available!

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