DELON – a Young Bull You Shouldn’t Miss

VZOD DELON (Eastwood x Dynamo x Gymnast) is one of our new young bulls which started their production during Autumn 2022. His semen is widely available now so we would like to introduce DELON in more detail.

DELON comes from Valašské ZOD in Zašová, Czech Republic (600 milking cows) and he was born within the Zooservis & Partners program. He is the current number one Eastwood son by gTPI. In his dam’s line he traces back to a very successful No-Pe Yoder Elena VG-89 which stands in backgrounds of several sires we have in our offer.

DELON is well ranked by both the American TPI (gTPI 2831 a NM 864) and the Czech SIH (gSIH 142). Although DELON is at the beginning of his production, he has already attracted many breeders’ attention and the demand for DELON is strong already. Solid production with good components (F +82 lb +0.20%, P +49 lb +0.10%) and excellent health (4.9 PL, 2.73 SCS, 2.2% SCE) are his other advantages. Furthermore, he offers balanced type with good udder 1.30. A bonus is he has A2A2 beta casein.

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