Extraordinary Animals from Zooservis & Partners in Holstein International

In the very first issue of Holstein International magazine an article on some of extraordinary animals which descends from the Zooservis & Partners program was published. The author of the article is Jorden Stegink and you can find the original on the page 49 of the actualy issue of HI (1/2023).

Below you find a quotation of the article.



La Axel (see BullTalk HI 09/22) is a nice result for Zooservis & Partners. However, besides this successful progeny proven Gymnast son, No-Pe Yoder Elena VG-89 has provided the Czech AI with other nice results. Not entirely surprising; via her American Supersire dam, Elena is from the same Whittier-Farms Lead Mae branch from whom the influential sire Morningview Kingboy descends. Besides three younger Elena daughters by Eldorado, Salvatore and Zekon, two full sisters of La Axel also became donors. As such, La Gymnast Erica GP-83 is the grandam of the current Zooservis sire Vzod Delon (Eastwood-Dynamo/2849 gTPI; 08/2022). Sister La Gymnast Erna GP-82 distinguishes herself with various good Dynamo daughters. ‘The Elena family breeds average statured cows with good udders and feet & legs, along with a desirable combination of production and fitness. Dynamo combines very well. The six Dynamo daughters of Erna then also have the desirable production, conformation, and fitness traits. That includes good components and remarkably good fertility results.’ We are speaking with Karel Novosad. The manager of the Zooservis breeding program points especially to Vzod Erna 2 VG-86. About this Dynamo daughter from the VZOD Zasova farm (600 milking cows), Novosad shares: ‘Erna 2 is a strong cow with a tremendous rump and udder, and her feet & legs are strong. Her three high sons by Duko and Taos (2x) are becoming available right about now. In addition, we are working with high Erna 2 daughters, including a Maristocrat (<Aristocrat) with 2920 gTPI.’