DAVIS: Ideal Combination of Production, Health and Exterior

VZOD DAVIS (Taos x Dynamo x Gymnast) is one of successful sons of a great Dynamo daughter who was born at farm Valašské ZOD in Zašová, Czech Republic. DAVIS dam CZ 286625 972 (s. Dynamo) finished her first lactation (303 days) with results: M 11673 kg, F 3,97 a P 3,32. This cow was classified VG-86.

DAVIS offers 2790 gTPI (736 NM) and his idividual traits show how complete bull DAVIS is. His most attractive characteristics are: great production of milk 1789 lb, very good health (fertility index +0,3; productive life 5,0) and almost flawless exterior including udders with longer teats. Furthermore DAVIS has an ideal combination of A2A2 and BB caseins!

Besides DAVIS we have his two brothers housed in our AI center. They are VZOD DIJON (s. Taos) and VZOD EGON (s. Duko). All the three brothers come from great family of our another superb sire AXEL which is current top 1 daughter proven bull in the Czech Republic.

Within Zooservis & Partners we were able to flush quite a lot of embryos out of DAVIS extraordinary dam and high ranked heifers were born from them. Some of the heifers which were sired by Taos and our DUKO have gTPI over 2800 and one heifer after our MARISTOCRAT has even over 2900 gTPI. We and Valašské ZOD plan to work with this outstanding animals during this year.

No-Pe Yoder Elena VG-89 (DAVIS great grand dam)
Dynamo (sire of DAVIS dam)