Excellent Results of ZOOSERVIS & Partners Project

ZekonZipZikmundAxelZingVancouverZlatanZampanzarZillionZapperZigzag REDZuma RED have one thing in common – all of them were born in Czech breedings.

Certainly No-Pe Yoder Elena VG-85 grabs one´s attention with 1st lactation 305 days: 12 418 kg milk; 3,96% F;
3,12% P).

Zikmund, Axel, Zampanzar, Zlatan come from No-Pe Yoder Elena VG-85 as well as her extraordinary daughter No-Pe Eldorado Adele (GTPI 2750, NM 985)!!

No-Pe Yoder Elena VG-85

In heifers a fantastic Pace RED´s daughter KRA-HO Pace Shaggy RED excels . Her GTPI 2691, NM 873 and RZG 160 makes KRA-HO Pace Shaggy RED one of the top of heifers in the world.

New December Proofs promise even more amazing bulls and heifers in future.