Bull of the Month February

No-Pe Zampanzar NEO-811

Interesting Family

Zampanzar NEO-811 (Blowtorch x Yoder x Supersire) comes from a family of Morningview Shtle Madilyn EX-94. Zampanzar´s dam is Top 1 cow in Europe in NM No-Pe Yoder Elena VG-85 (NM 961)!

High TPI and NM

GTPI 2713 and NM 852 make Zampanzar one of our most interesting bulls. Those figures are emphasised by production of 1784 lb milk, fat 86 lb (+0,07) and protein 59 lb (+0,02). Udder 1,98 and good F&L 1,64 are promising characteristics for his progeny. Daughters will have a medium stature with very good fitness traits – PL 5,7; SCS 2,72 and DPR 1,7!

No-Pe Yoder Elena VG-85
Morningview Shtle Madilyn EX-94

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