Since 2013 we’ve cooperated with progressive Czech dairy farmers within ZOOSERVIS & Partners project. This unique breeding program was initiated by importing of embryos from several foreign countries (USA, Canada, Germany). So far a lot of top heifers and young bulls were born from these embryos. High ranked heifers and cows are used in embryotransfer afterwards.

We are proud we were able to establish such successful breeding program in the Czech Republic and that the offspring descending from ZOOSERVIS & Partners is able to compete in the international Holstein scene.

Today the majority of bulls housed in our A.I. come from this particular program. ZOOSERVIS & Partners have produced following remarkable sires: Agras URANUS, No-Pe URS, Vysoká VALMONT, No-Pe VANCOUVER, No-Pe ZEKON, La Axel, Ostretin ALBERTO, N-V ALIF, N-V BERRY, Selekta BYRON.

In our breeding program we also concentrate on Red Holsteins: Agras ZUMA-RED, Agras BERT-RED, Kra-Ho BORD-RED P a Kra-Ho BEST-RED.