Kra-Ho BEST-RED: solid health and good milk production

Kra-Ho BEST-RED (gTPI 2593) from the Gen-I-Beq Snowman Spring VG-85 family is one of our top Red Holstein bulls in our stud. He transmits solid health with following values of his fitness traits:

  • Somatic Cell Score +2,70
  • Daughter Pregnancy Rate +0,1
  • Productive Life +4,9
  • Sire Calving Ease 1,1%

His daughters are awaited to have good milk production (1331 lbs of milk) and because of teat length +0,75 they are going to get along well in robotic milking systems.

Furthermore he is a full brother of Kra-Ho BORD-RED P.

Don’t hesitate to get on board of your herd this fitness improver!