DJANGO – great NM bull

DJANGO was born from ET in Chotebor at the Mr. Skaryd farm in the Czech Republic. He is a high ranked Austad son with gTPI 2865 and NM 934. DJANGO descends from an excellent cow family of Morningview Super Ellie EX-91. His grand-dam is No-Pe Yoder Elena VG-89 – former top 1 NM cow in Europe. This cow is a dam of our other great bull La AXEL. And we are expecting many AXEL‘s daughters in August.

The dam of DJANGO is well scored No-Pe Zekon Elza VG-85.

DJANGO‘s main strengths are components, particularly fat 0.25 % and 102 lbs. Furthermore DJANGO has excellent fitness traits and he is A2A2!