April Breeding Values Overview

At the beginning of April, a new breeding values were published and we happily noted exceptionally good results of our bulls. Bellow you find sires which should not pass unnoticed.

Charl son DUKO with GTPI 2959 and NM 823 is one of our top ranked bulls. He is the right choice when searching for tremendous production, high components (Milk 1819 lbs; Protein 70 lbs +0,05 %; Fat 83 lbs +0,04 %) and excellent fitness traits (Somatic Cell Score 2,71; Productive Life +6,2; Sire Calving Ease 1,6 %).


MARISTOCRAT is our newcomer which scored with GTPI 2828. This complete bull offers lots of milk (Milk 1635 lbs), good health and balanced exterior.

BENJI is another from our high ranked sires with GTPI 2880! Besides high production with great components (Milk 1217 lbs; Protein 54 lbs +0,06 %; Fat 121 lbs +0,25 %), he also transmits good type with fancy udders.

A leader of the Red and White category is still our BORD-RED P with GTPI 2687 and GRZG 158. However, his full brother BEST-RED (GTPI 2599) does not stay behind and same as BORD-RED P offers good fitness traits and great production.


 Another of high ranked reds is BERT-RED (GTPI 2611) which excels in great type and exterior breeding values. KAMERAAD-RED gained few points in German RZG and scores with GRZG 151. KAMERAAD-RED is one of the most complete sires in our portfolio. He has excellent health characteristics and according RZGesung, he is among top 10. He also transmits lots of milk, excellent F&L (129) and good udders with longer teats.

In the next months we are awaiting first calved daughters of our superb allrounder ZUMA-RED.

We are pleased our bulls scored also in the Czech index SIH. URANUS is currently top 2 daughters proven bull in the Czech Republic. URANUS has excellent milk production (1972 lbs) and solid F&L (1,30). Another top daughters proven sire according to SIH is VANCOUVER which offers high production as well as good fitness characteristics.


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