Kra-Ho Shaggy-Red nominated in Red−Impact competition

Each year for already 15 years the Holstein International magazine seeks the best Red/RC brood cow from all around the globe. For the first time in the history of the Red-Impact competition a cow from the Czech Republic has been nominated. We are very proud the nominated cow Kra-Ho Shaggy-Red comes from the join project of ZD Krásná Hora and ZOOSERVIS (ZOOSERVIS & Partners).

Shaggy is a dam of our three bulls: BORD-RED P, BEST-RED and BONY-RED.


Solitair-son BORD-RED P is the top 1 in genomic reds in the Czech Republic (gSIH 132). Furthermore he ranks amongst the top-10 polled and Red sires in Germany (gRZG 156) as well as in the US (gTPI 2693).

Shaggy descends from the strong family of Gen-I-Beq Snowman Spring (Splendor family) and this Czech branch is characterized by high production. Shaggy has 8 milking sisters (dam Kra-Ho Supershot Shelly-RC) and each of them gave over 12 800 kg of milk in the first lactation as 2-year-olds. Furthermore 5 of them gave over 14 000 kg of milk! In the table below see the detailed values of each cow from of successful family.